Unlock Bankable Digital Assets

Once you click "Tokenize" on any of your recently purchased smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or laptop, the extension gets the provenance of your purchase, obtaining:

  • The asset's retail market price

  • The price you bought the asset for

  • Asset description information

You will receive up to 70% of the US Dollar value of your now tokenized gadgets to your personal capital account, assuming you used the Jasiri Smartphone 📱 Vault 🔒.

So, for example, if you bought an iPhone 15 Pro Max for 1000$, on Amazon.com , and later on tokenized it, you'd get 700 $ credited to your wallet/vault's personal capital account. Ideally, the app would credit to your account 1000$ but that negatively hurts the value of your tokenized assets. Scarcity increases value and makes the process more capital-efficient.

We use UNLOCK to make liquidity access for your assets easier. It represents the 'shares'/'stock' in your recently purchased tech gadgets.

The beauty about all transactions in the app, is that they are verifiable, as you can see in the demonstration below 👇👇

What makes your unlocked assets bankable?

You will be able to exchange them for cash or crypto, and also later on borrow against them, as their value is tied to the value of your own assets. Each 0.7 UNLOCK unit is tied to the 1 USD value of your tokenized asset. This is real-world value. If you go to your nearby local bank and provide your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or smartwatch... the bank manager will refuse to consider them as assets in exchange of giving you the money you asked for. Jasiri does for you, what banks won't do for you.

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